What Is Another Way to Say “Best of Luck”?

Looking for synonyms for best of luck? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say best of luck.

  • Good luck
  • Best wishes
  • All the best
  • Wishing you success
  • Good fortune
  • Favorable outcome
  • Prosperous journey
  • Break a leg
  • May fortune favor you
  • Luck be with you
  • Godspeed
  • Successful endeavor
  • Wishing you the best
  • Positive vibes
  • Wishing you well
  • Fortuitous results
  • Great success
  • Smooth sailing
  • Wishing you luck
  • Wishing you all success

Want to learn how to say best of luck professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Good luck

Usage: A common, versatile expression suitable for a variety of occasions.
Example: “Good luck with your presentation at the conference tomorrow!”

2. Best wishes

Usage: Appropriate for both formal and informal situations, offering general goodwill.
Example: “Best wishes for a successful product launch.”

3. All the best

Usage: A friendly and warm way to wish someone well, suitable for many contexts.
Example: “All the best in your new role as Marketing Director.”

4. Wishing you success

Usage: Ideal for professional contexts, emphasizing success in a specific endeavor.
Example: “Wishing you success in your upcoming negotiations.”

5. Good fortune

Usage: A more formal or poetic way to wish someone luck.
Example: “May good fortune accompany your venture into the new market.”

6. Favorable outcome

Usage: Appropriate in a business or legal context where specific results are anticipated.
Example: “We’re hoping for a favorable outcome in the merger discussions.”

7. Prosperous journey

Usage: Suitable for wishing someone success in a new phase or venture, often with a long-term perspective.
Example: “Wishing you a prosperous journey as you expand the business overseas.”

8. Break a leg

Usage: A colloquial and enthusiastic way to wish good luck, traditionally used in the performing arts.
Example: “Break a leg at the product demo!”

9. May fortune favor you

Usage: A formal and somewhat poetic expression, wishing good luck and success.
Example: “May fortune favor you in your ambitious project.”

10. Luck be with you

Usage: Suitable for a variety of situations, wishing general good luck.
Example: “Luck be with you in your exam today.”

11. Godspeed

Usage: A traditional expression, often used to wish success in a journey or a new endeavor.
Example: “Godspeed in your new venture as an entrepreneur.”

12. Successful endeavor

Usage: Ideal for professional and academic contexts, emphasizing the success of a specific project or task.
Example: “We wish you a successful endeavor in your research project.”

13. Wishing you the best

Usage: A general, friendly expression suitable for various occasions.
Example: “Wishing you the best in your future career pursuits.”

14. Positive vibes

Usage: Informal and trendy, conveying good luck through positive energy.
Example: “Sending positive vibes for your team presentation!”

15. Wishing you well

Usage: A warm, sincere expression suitable for both professional and personal contexts.
Example: “Wishing you well as you take on this new challenge.”

16. Fortuitous results

Usage: More formal, often used in business or academic contexts.
Example: “We anticipate fortuitous results from the partnership.”

17. Great success

Usage: Suitable for encouraging someone in achieving notable success.
Example: “Here’s to great success in your innovative endeavors!”

18. Smooth sailing

Usage: Often used to wish someone an easy and trouble-free experience.
Example: “Smooth sailing on the launch of the new software platform!”

19. Wishing you luck

Usage: A straightforward, friendly way to wish someone good luck.
Example: “Wishing you luck as you pitch to the investors.”

20. Wishing you all success

Usage: Suitable for formal and important occasions, emphasizing comprehensive success.
Example: “Wishing you all success in your upcoming international expansion.”

Linda Brown