What Is Another Way to Say “As Soon As”?

Looking for synonyms for as soon as? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say as soon as.

  • Immediately
  • Instantly
  • Directly
  • Right away
  • At once
  • Without delay
  • Promptly
  • The moment
  • The minute
  • The second
  • Once
  • Just as
  • The instant
  • In no time
  • Swiftly

Want to learn how to say as soon as professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Immediately

Appropriate for formal communications where urgency or prompt action is required.
Example: “Please submit the report immediately following the meeting.”

2. Instantly

Used when describing actions that occur without any perceivable delay.
Example: “The system updates instantly after data entry.”

3. Directly

Suitable for instructions or actions that follow one after another without interruption.
Example: “Directly after the conference call, please update the project timeline.”

4. Right away

Conveys a sense of urgency in a slightly informal but professional context.
Example: “Send the client feedback right away to avoid any delays.”

5. At once

Implies immediate action, often used in written or formal spoken language.
Example: “The issue needs to be addressed at once to maintain client satisfaction.”

6. Without delay

Emphasizes the need to avoid postponing action, suitable for formal requests or instructions.
Example: “The documentation must be completed without delay to comply with regulations.”

7. Promptly

Indicates doing something at once or without delay, often used in business communications.
Example: “Please respond to customer inquiries promptly to ensure high service levels.”

8. The moment

Used to specify an action that should occur at the exact time another event happens.
Example: “Notify me the moment the contract is signed.”

9. The minute

Similar to “the moment”, used for actions occurring exactly when another event takes place.
Example: “The minute the market opens, review the stock performance.”

10. The second

Emphasizes immediate action, similar to “the moment” and “the minute”.
Example: “The second the software update is released, begin the installation process.”

11. Once

Used to indicate that one action follows another as soon as the first is completed.
Example: “Once you receive the approval, proceed with the order placement.”

12. Just as

Indicates an action occurring simultaneously or immediately following another.
Example: “Just as the meeting concludes, distribute the minutes to all attendees.”

13. The instant

Highlights the immediate occurrence of an action, similar to “the moment”.
Example: “The instant you receive the client’s confirmation, start the project kickoff.”

14. In no time

Implies that something will happen very quickly, though slightly informal.
Example: “With the new software, we’ll have the analysis done in no time.”

15. Swiftly

Describes an action performed quickly and efficiently, suitable for professional contexts.
Example: “The team needs to address the feedback swiftly to meet the project deadline.”

Linda Brown