What Is Another Way to Say “All Over”?

Looking for synonyms for all over? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say all over.

  • Everywhere
  • Throughout
  • Ubiquitous
  • Widespread
  • Omnipresent
  • Across the board
  • In every place
  • Universal
  • All-encompassing
  • All around
  • Pervasive
  • Across the spectrum
  • Extensive
  • Rife
  • Blanketing

Want to learn how to say all over professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Everywhere

Used to indicate a very wide distribution or presence, suitable for various contexts.
Example: “The new marketing campaign has been seen everywhere, from billboards to social media.”

2. Throughout

Ideal for indicating distribution or presence in every part of a certain area or thing.
Example: “The company has implemented new safety protocols throughout all its offices.”

3. Ubiquitous

Used to describe something that appears to be present everywhere, often in a slightly hyperbolic sense.
Example: “Smartphones have become ubiquitous in today’s business world.”

4. Widespread

Appropriate for describing something that covers a large area or affects a large number of people.
Example: “There was widespread support for the new environmental initiative within the company.”

5. Omnipresent

Used to describe something with a presence in all places at the same time, often in a more abstract sense.
Example: “In the digital age, the internet is nearly omnipresent in our work lives.”

6. Across the Board

Suitable for situations where something applies to all categories or segments.
Example: “The budget cuts affected all departments across the board.”

7. In Every Place

Used to emphasize presence in all possible locations.
Example: “The company’s policy changes have been implemented in every place where it operates.”

8. Universal

Ideal for describing something that is common to all cases or occurrences.
Example: “The need for cybersecurity is universal in all modern businesses.”

9. All-encompassing

Used for something that includes everything or covers a wide range of areas.
Example: “The training program was all-encompassing, covering all aspects of the job.”

10. All Around

Appropriate for indicating a surrounding presence or something that is generally prevalent.
Example: “The new office layout encourages collaboration all around.”

11. Pervasive

Used to describe something that spreads widely throughout an area or group of people.
Example: “The use of artificial intelligence in the industry has become pervasive.”

12. Across the Spectrum

Suitable for situations where something affects or includes a wide range of types or categories.
Example: “The policy change will have implications across the spectrum of our operations.”

13. Extensive

Appropriate for describing something that is large in amount, size, or degree.
Example: “The company conducted extensive research before launching the product.”

14. Rife

Used to indicate that something, often undesirable, is very common or abundant.
Example: “Speculation about the merger is rife within the financial sector.”

15. Blanketing

Ideal for describing something that covers an area or subject completely.
Example: “The new regulations are blanketing the industry, affecting companies of all sizes.”

Linda Brown