What Is Another Way to Say “All About”?

Looking for synonyms for all about? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say all about.

  • Centered on
  • Focused on
  • Revolving around
  • Concerning
  • Pertaining to
  • Regarding
  • Involving
  • Related to
  • With respect to
  • In relation to

Want to learn how to say all about professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Centered On

When to use: Appropriate for topics or discussions that are mainly based on a specific subject or theme.
Example: “The conference is centered on the latest developments in renewable energy technologies.”

2. Focused On

When to use: Suitable for situations where attention is specifically directed towards a particular subject or activity.
Example: “Our training program is focused on enhancing leadership skills among junior managers.”

3. Revolving Around

When to use: Ideal for situations or discussions that are primarily concerned with or based around a central theme.
Example: “The team meeting will be revolving around the strategies for the upcoming product launch.”

4. Concerning

When to use: Used to refer to subjects or matters in discussion or consideration.
Example: “We received an update concerning the new regulations in our industry.”

5. Pertaining To

When to use: Appropriate for matters or subjects directly relating to a specific topic.
Example: “Please read the documents pertaining to the company’s new compliance policies.”

6. Regarding

When to use: Suitable for addressing or referring to a specific topic or subject.
Example: “The manager sent an email regarding the changes to the project timeline.”

7. Involving

When to use: Ideal for situations or activities that include or affect a particular subject.
Example: “The project involves extensive research into consumer behavior.”

When to use: Used for topics or issues that are connected or associated with a particular subject.
Example: “She gave a presentation related to the recent advancements in cybersecurity.”

9. With Respect To

When to use: Suitable for referring to a particular aspect of a subject.
Example: “With respect to the budget, we need to discuss the allocation for the marketing department.”

10. In Relation To

When to use: Appropriate for making a comparison or linkage between one topic and another.
Example: “In relation to our competitors, our product offers more features at a lower cost.”

Linda Brown