What Is Another Way to Say “About To”?

Looking for synonyms for about to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say about to.

  • On the verge of
  • On the brink of
  • Poised to
  • Ready to
  • Preparing to
  • Just before
  • Close to
  • Nearly
  • Almost
  • Getting ready to
  • Set to
  • On the cusp of
  • Moments away from
  • On the point of
  • In the process of

Want to learn how to say about to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. On the Verge of

Appropriate Use: Indicates being very close to experiencing or doing something.
Example: “The company is on the verge of a major breakthrough in renewable energy technology.”

2. On the Brink of

Appropriate Use: Suggests being at the point of occurrence or about to happen.
Example: “The organization is on the brink of global expansion.”

3. Poised to

Appropriate Use: Implies readiness to perform a particular action immediately.
Example: “The team is poised to launch the new marketing campaign.”

4. Ready to

Appropriate Use: Indicates preparedness to start or engage in an action.
Example: “We are ready to begin the construction phase.”

5. Preparing to

Appropriate Use: Suggests being in the process of making ready for something.
Example: “The CEO is preparing to announce the merger.”

6. Just Before

Appropriate Use: Indicates a very short time preceding an event or action.
Example: “Just before the meeting, the manager received an important call.”

7. Close to

Appropriate Use: Implies nearing a point in time or completion.
Example: “The project is close to completion.”

8. Nearly

Appropriate Use: Suggests something is almost happening or is imminent.
Example: “The research team is nearly ready to publish their findings.”

9. Almost

Appropriate Use: Indicates being very near to a particular point or stage.
Example: “She is almost done with the financial report.”

10. Getting Ready to

Appropriate Use: Implies actively preparing for an upcoming action or event.
Example: “The company is getting ready to enter a new market.”

11. Set to

Appropriate Use: Suggests being ready and arranged to do something.
Example: “The new policy is set to take effect next month.”

12. On the Cusp of

Appropriate Use: Indicates being at the threshold or beginning of something.
Example: “The startup is on the cusp of securing significant venture capital funding.”

13. Moments Away from

Appropriate Use: Suggests being only a very short time from doing something.
Example: “The team is moments away from presenting their proposal.”

14. On the Point of

Appropriate Use: Implies being at the immediate juncture of doing something.
Example: “She was on the point of calling the meeting when the client arrived.”

15. In the Process of

Appropriate Use: Indicates that one is currently engaged in an action that is leading to something.
Example: “The department is in the process of updating its software systems.”

Linda Brown