What Is Another Way to Say “Word for Word”?

Looking for synonyms for word for word? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say word for word.

  • Verbatim
  • Literally
  • Exactly
  • Precisely
  • To the letter
  • Directly
  • Faithfully
  • Accurately
  • Unchanged
  • Word-perfect

Want to learn how to say word for word professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Verbatim

Used when something is repeated or copied exactly as it was originally said or written.
Example: The journalist quoted the politician’s speech verbatim in the article.

2. Literally

Appropriate for emphasizing that something is true in a very exact sense, without exaggeration or metaphor.
Example: The manual must be followed literally to ensure the machine operates correctly.

3. Exactly

Indicates that something is identical to what was said or written, with no deviation.
Example: Please follow the instructions exactly to avoid any issues during installation.

4. Precisely

Used to emphasize the exactness of a replication or adherence to details.
Example: The contract was executed precisely as agreed upon, with every detail accounted for.

5. To the letter

Means following instructions or guidelines in their most exact form, without variation.
Example: The legal team advised adhering to the letter of the law to avoid potential litigation.

6. Directly

Refers to reproducing speech or text in a straightforward and exact manner.
Example: The CEO’s memo was communicated directly to all employees without any modifications.

7. Faithfully

Emphasizes accuracy in reproduction or adherence to the original source.
Example: The translator worked to faithfully render the novel’s complex themes into another language.

8. Accurately

Used when details are replicated or reported with precision and correctness.
Example: The financial report was accurately compiled, reflecting the company’s fiscal health.

9. Unchanged

Indicates that something has been repeated or copied without any alterations.
Example: The reprint of the classic book was published unchanged, preserving its original formatting and content.

10. Word-perfect

Describes the ability to reproduce spoken or written words without any errors.
Example: The actor delivered his lines word-perfect, capturing the audience’s attention.

Linda Brown