What Is Another Way to Say “Turn Into”?

Looking for synonyms for turn into? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say turn into.

  • Transform into
  • Become
  • Convert into
  • Morph into
  • Change into
  • Evolve into
  • Metamorphose into
  • Shift into
  • Transition into
  • Develop into
  • Mutate into
  • Alter into
  • Metamorphize into
  • Transfigure into
  • Transmute into

Want to learn how to say turn into professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Transform into

Transform into is used when something undergoes a significant or complete change in form or nature.

  • Example: “The startup quickly transformed into a leading technology provider in the industry.”

2. Become

Become is a general term for the process of change from one state to another, often used in a broad sense.

  • Example: “She became the CEO of the company after years of dedicated service.”

3. Convert into

Convert into is used when changing something into a different form or purpose.

  • Example: “The old factory was converted into modern office spaces.”

4. Morph into

Morph into suggests a smooth transition from one state to another, often implying a change in shape or form.

  • Example: “The project morphed into a full-fledged initiative with wider implications.”

5. Change into

Change into is a straightforward term for describing a transition from one state, condition, or form to another.

  • Example: “The room was changed into a conference area for the meeting.”

6. Evolve into

Evolve into implies a gradual development or change into a more complex or advanced state.

  • Example: “The small venture evolved into a multinational corporation over the decades.”

7. Metamorphose into

Metamorphose into is used for a profound or dramatic change, often resembling a metamorphosis in nature.

  • Example: “The caterpillar will eventually metamorphose into a butterfly.”

8. Shift into

Shift into describes a change in position, condition, or state, often used for a change in gears or phases.

  • Example: “The company shifted into a new phase of growth with the launch of its innovative product.”

9. Transition into

Transition into is used when referring to a process of change that involves moving from one stage or condition to another.

  • Example: “After years of research, the scientist transitioned into a managerial role within the organization.”

10. Develop into

Develop into describes a process of growth or evolution into a different state, often more advanced or mature.

  • Example: “The initial idea developed into a comprehensive business model.”

11. Mutate into

Mutate into is often used in a context where something changes form, especially in a way that was not expected.

  • Example: “The virus mutated into a strain with different characteristics.”

12. Alter into

Alter into is used to describe a change into a different state or form, emphasizing a deliberate or controlled change.

  • Example: “The program was altered into a more user-friendly version based on customer feedback.”

13. Metamorphize into

Metamorphize into is similar to metamorphose into, emphasizing a significant transformation.

  • Example: “The small group discussion metamorphized into a community-wide dialogue.”

14. Transfigure into

Transfigure into implies a change that beautifies or glorifies, often used in a positive and transformative context.

  • Example: “The renovation project transfigured the old building into a vibrant cultural center.”

15. Transmute into

Transmute into is used to describe a profound or magical change, often from something ordinary into something valuable or significant.

  • Example: “The artist’s vision transmuted the mundane materials into an extraordinary piece of art.”

Linda Brown