What Is Another Way to Say “Top Secret”?

Looking for synonyms for top secret? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say top secret.

  • Classified
  • Confidential
  • Highly confidential
  • Restricted
  • Sensitive
  • For your eyes only
  • Under wraps
  • Secret
  • Hush-hush
  • Off the record
  • On the QT (quiet)
  • Clandestine
  • Covert
  • Undercover
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Privy
  • Sealed
  • Discreet
  • Encrypted
  • Stealth

Want to learn how to say top secret professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Classified

Appropriate for information that is officially restricted in circulation and access.
Example: “The document was marked as classified and required special clearance to view.”

2. Confidential

Used for information meant to be kept private between the parties involved.
Example: “The financial records are considered confidential and should not be shared externally.”

3. Highly confidential

Suitable for extremely sensitive information that requires the highest level of secrecy.
Example: “The merger details are highly confidential and only accessible to senior management.”

4. Restricted

Appropriate for information or areas with limited access due to security concerns.
Example: “Access to the server room is restricted to IT personnel only.”

5. Sensitive

Used for information that could cause harm or damage if disclosed.
Example: “Employee personal data is sensitive and must be protected.”

6. For your eyes only

Suitable for information intended to be viewed by a specific person or group.
Example: “The strategic plan is for your eyes only, please ensure it is not circulated.”

7. Under wraps

Appropriate for keeping something secret or concealed.
Example: “The product development team kept the new design under wraps until the launch date.”

8. Secret

Used for information that is not to be disclosed or made public.
Example: “The recipe for the sauce is a secret, known only to the chef.”

9. Hush-hush

Informal term for something that is to be kept secret.
Example: “The negotiations between the companies are hush-hush at this stage.”

10. Off the record

Suitable for information shared without permission to be publicly disclosed.
Example: “The official provided us with details on the condition that it was off the record.”

11. On the QT (quiet)

Informal term for keeping something secret.
Example: “The plans for the new building are being kept on the QT until further notice.”

12. Clandestine

Appropriate for activities or operations that are done in secret, often because they are illegal or unauthorized.
Example: “The clandestine operation was aimed at gathering intelligence without detection.”

13. Covert

Used for actions that are intended to be hidden or secret.
Example: “The agency conducts covert surveillance to prevent threats to national security.”

14. Undercover

Suitable for activities carried out secretly by disguising one’s identity.
Example: “The journalist went undercover to expose corruption in the city council.”

15. Behind-the-scenes

Appropriate for actions or processes that happen in secret or not in public view.
Example: “A lot of behind-the-scenes negotiations led to the peace treaty.”

16. Privy

Used for someone who has special knowledge or access to confidential information.
Example: “Only those privy to the strategic decisions were present at the meeting.”

17. Sealed

Suitable for information that is securely closed or kept confidential.
Example: “The court documents were sealed and could not be accessed by the public.”

18. Discreet

Appropriate for showing prudence and circumspection in one’s behavior or speech, especially with confidential matters.
Example: “The lawyer was discreet in handling the sensitive information of the case.”

19. Encrypted

Used for information that has been converted into a secure code to prevent unauthorized access.
Example: “The data was encrypted to protect it from cyber threats.”

20. Stealth

Appropriate for actions done quietly, secretly, or without attracting notice.
Example: “The new stealth technology allows the drone to operate undetected.”

Linda Brown