What Is Another Way to Say “Thought Of”?

Looking for synonyms for thought of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say thought of.

  • Considered
  • Contemplated
  • Pondered
  • Reflected on
  • Mused over
  • Deliberated
  • Meditated on
  • Ruminated on
  • Mulled over
  • Dwell upon
  • Envisioned
  • Brainstormed
  • Conceived
  • Reckoned
  • Brooded over
  • Weighed
  • Speculated
  • Analyzed
  • Reviewed
  • Imagined

Want to learn how to say thought of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Considered

Appropriate Use: Suitable for deliberate thinking or decision making.
Example: We have considered all the proposals before finalizing our strategy.

2. Contemplated

Appropriate Use: Indicates thinking deeply about something.
Example: The CEO contemplated the long-term implications of the merger.

3. Pondered

Appropriate Use: Used for deep or reflective thought.
Example: She pondered the feedback from the client meeting.

4. Reflected on

Appropriate Use: Suitable for thinking carefully and thoughtfully about something.
Example: The team reflected on their performance to identify areas for improvement.

5. Mused over

Appropriate Use: Indicates thoughtful or reflective consideration.
Example: He mused over the potential outcomes of the marketing campaign.

6. Deliberated

Appropriate Use: Used for careful consideration or discussion before making a decision.
Example: The committee deliberated on the best course of action for the project.

7. Meditated on

Appropriate Use: Suitable for focused or deep thought.
Example: The manager meditated on the ethical implications of the business decision.

8. Ruminated on

Appropriate Use: Indicates thinking repeatedly and for an extended period about something.
Example: She ruminated on the feedback from her performance review.

9. Mulled over

Appropriate Use: Used for thinking about something deeply and at length.
Example: The team mulled over the challenges presented in the project.

10. Dwell upon

Appropriate Use: For spending a significant amount of time thinking about something.
Example: The director advised not to dwell upon the minor setbacks.

11. Envisioned

Appropriate Use: Indicates imagining or picturing a concept or plan in the mind.
Example: The architect envisioned a modern design for the new building.

12. Brainstormed

Appropriate Use: Suitable for generating creative ideas or solutions.
Example: We brainstormed various approaches to increase market reach.

13. Conceived

Appropriate Use: Used for forming or devising a plan or idea in the mind.
Example: The campaign was originally conceived during a team brainstorming session.

14. Reckoned

Appropriate Use: For considering or thinking of something in a certain way.
Example: The project manager reckoned that a new approach was necessary.

15. Brooded over

Appropriate Use: Indicates thinking deeply about something that makes one unhappy.
Example: He brooded over the missed opportunities in the last quarter.

16. Weighed

Appropriate Use: Suitable for considering the pros and cons of different options.
Example: The pros and cons of each option were weighed before making the final decision.

17. Speculated

Appropriate Use: Used for forming a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.
Example: Analysts speculated on the potential impact of the new regulation.

18. Analyzed

Appropriate Use: Indicates examining something methodically and in detail.
Example: The team analyzed the survey results to draw meaningful conclusions.

19. Reviewed

Appropriate Use: For examining or assessing something retrospectively.
Example: The strategy was reviewed to ensure alignment with the company’s goals.

20. Imagined

Appropriate Use: Indicates forming a mental image or concept of something.
Example: She imagined various scenarios to prepare for the upcoming negotiation.

Linda Brown