What Is Another Way to Say “Stick With”?

Looking for synonyms for stick with? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say stick with.

  • Adhere to
  • Persist with
  • Continue with
  • Maintain
  • Remain committed to
  • Stay with
  • Follow through with
  • Keep to
  • Uphold
  • Cling to

Want to learn how to say stick with professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Adhere to

Used in formal or professional contexts, emphasizing the need to closely follow a set of rules or guidelines.

Example: It’s crucial that we adhere to the company’s ethical standards in all our dealings.

2. Persist with

Appropriate for situations requiring continued effort or endurance, especially in the face of challenges.

Example: Despite the initial setbacks, the team decided to persist with the original project plan.

3. Continue with

Used when indicating the action of carrying on with a particular task or process.

Example: After reviewing the progress, management agreed to continue with the current marketing strategy.

4. Maintain

Suitable for contexts where ongoing support, effort, or consistency is required.

Example: The department will maintain its focus on customer satisfaction as a top priority.

5. Remain committed to

Used in scenarios where dedication and commitment over time are essential.

Example: The organization remains committed to its mission of environmental conservation.

6. Stay with

Appropriate for less formal contexts, indicating the continuation of an activity or process.

Example: We should stay with our current software provider due to their reliable service.

7. Follow through with

Used to emphasize the importance of completing a task or fulfilling a commitment.

Example: It’s important that we follow through with our plans for quality improvement.

8. Keep to

Appropriate in contexts where staying on a predetermined path or plan is important.

Example: The team needs to keep to the project timeline to meet the launch date.

9. Uphold

Used in formal settings, particularly when referring to maintaining standards, values, or agreements.

Example: As a leader, she has the responsibility to uphold the principles of the organization.

10. Cling to

This term, often used in a more emotional or metaphorical sense, implies holding on tightly to an idea, method, or principle.

Example: The company must not cling to outdated business models if it wants to remain competitive.

Linda Brown