What Is Another Way to Say “Social Structure”?

Looking for synonyms for social structure? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say social structure.

  • Social organization
  • Social system
  • Social framework
  • Social hierarchy
  • Social order
  • Community structure
  • Societal fabric
  • Social fabric
  • Social architecture
  • Societal structure
  • Social network
  • Social stratification
  • Social construct
  • Social institution
  • Societal framework

Want to learn how to say social structure professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Social organization

Refers to the patterned ways in which societies are organized and function.

  • Example: “The study of social organization in ancient cultures reveals much about their values and daily lives.”

2. Social system

A set of interconnected parts that function together within a society.

  • Example: “The social system of the country includes various institutions like education, politics, and healthcare.”

3. Social framework

The structure that provides guidelines for behavior within a community or society.

  • Example: “The new policy aims to strengthen the social framework supporting mental health initiatives.”

4. Social hierarchy

A system of ranking and organizing people into different levels of power, status, or authority.

  • Example: “Social hierarchy in the workplace can influence communication and decision-making processes.”

5. Social order

The way in which society is organized and rules and standards are maintained.

  • Example: “Maintaining social order is essential for the smooth operation of large public events.”

6. Community structure

The arrangement or organization of social groups within a community.

  • Example: “The community structure of the small town was centered around the local church and school.”

7. Societal fabric

The various elements that together create the cohesive social structure of a society.

  • Example: “Charitable organizations are integral to the societal fabric, providing support where government services may lack.”

8. Social fabric

Similar to societal fabric, referring to the interconnected elements that maintain the cohesion of a society.

  • Example: “Technological advancements have significantly altered the social fabric of modern societies.”

9. Social architecture

The planned and structured aspects of social life, including roles, rules, and relationships.

  • Example: “The social architecture of the online community was designed to encourage positive interactions.”

10. Societal structure

The organized pattern of social relationships and social institutions that compose a society.

  • Example: “Societal structure can greatly affect an individual’s opportunities and life path.”

11. Social network

The web of relationships and connections among people, often facilitated by technology.

  • Example: “Her research focuses on how social networks influence political mobilization.”

12. Social stratification

The division of society into different levels based on factors like wealth, power, and status.

  • Example: “Social stratification is evident in the varying access to resources among different socioeconomic groups.”

13. Social construct

An idea or concept that has been created and accepted by the people in a society.

  • Example: “Gender roles are a social construct that varies significantly across different cultures.”

14. Social institution

A complex of roles, norms, and values organized into a relatively stable form that contributes to social order by governing the behavior of people.

  • Example: “Marriage is a social institution that plays a crucial role in the organization of family life.”

15. Societal framework

The overall system of social institutions, practices, and norms that structure society.

  • Example: “The societal framework includes legal, economic, and educational institutions that regulate the behavior of individuals and groups.”

Linda Brown