What Is Another Way to Say “So to Speak”?

Looking for synonyms for so to speak? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say so to speak.

  • In a manner of speaking
  • Figuratively speaking
  • Metaphorically speaking
  • As it were
  • In a way
  • To put it another way
  • In other words
  • Sort of
  • Kind of
  • Essentially
  • Virtually
  • Practically
  • Almost
  • More or less
  • To some extent

Want to learn how to say so to speak professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. In a manner of speaking

Used to indicate that what you are saying is true or accurate in a particular way or to a certain extent.

  • Example: “He’s the team’s unofficial leader, in a manner of speaking, guiding them through challenges with his experience.”

2. Figuratively speaking

Used when you are describing something in a way that is symbolic or not literal.

  • Example: “Figuratively speaking, the new policy opened a can of worms, leading to more issues than solutions.”

3. Metaphorically speaking

Similar to “figuratively speaking,” indicating that the statement should be understood symbolically.

  • Example: “Metaphorically speaking, she’s the glue that holds the team together.”

4. As it were

Used to indicate that a word or phrase is not being used in its literal sense.

  • Example: “The project is back on track, as it were, after several setbacks.”

5. In a way

Indicates that a statement is true to some extent but not entirely or in all aspects.

  • Example: “In a way, the software update was a step backward due to its increased complexity.”

6. To put it another way

Used to rephrase something for clarity or emphasis.

  • Example: “To put it another way, the merger will create more opportunities for growth and innovation.”

7. In other words

Used to restate something in a different, usually simpler, way.

  • Example: “The budget cuts will, in other words, force us to postpone the new product launch.”

8. Sort of

Indicates that something is true to some degree but not exactly.

  • Example: “The results were sort of what we expected, though there were a few surprises.”

9. Kind of

Similar to “sort of,” implying that something is somewhat true.

  • Example: “She’s kind of the expert on this topic, having worked in the field for over a decade.”

10. Essentially

Used to emphasize the basic, fundamental, or intrinsic nature of a person, thing, or situation.

  • Example: “Essentially, the new policy aims to improve transparency within the organization.”

11. Virtually

Indicates that something is so nearly true that for all practical purposes, it can be regarded as true.

  • Example: “The project is virtually complete, with only a few minor tasks remaining.”

12. Practically

Similar to “virtually,” indicating that something is almost completely true or the case.

  • Example: “The team has practically finished the design phase and is ready to begin development.”

13. Almost

Used to indicate that something is very close to being the case but not entirely so.

  • Example: “The startup is almost profitable, thanks to the recent surge in sales.”

14. More or less

Indicates that something is approximately true or accurate.

  • Example: “The final product will look more or less like the prototype we’ve been working on.”

15. To some extent

Used to say that something is partly but not completely true.

  • Example: “To some extent, the success of the project depends on factors beyond our control.”

Linda Brown