What Is Another Way to Say “So Far”?

Looking for synonyms for so far? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say so far.

  • Up to now
  • To date
  • As of yet
  • Until now
  • Thus far
  • Hitherto
  • Heretofore
  • As yet
  • Currently
  • To this point
  • Up until now
  • At this time
  • At this juncture
  • At this point
  • To the present
  • As of this moment
  • Up to this time
  • Until this time
  • Up to the present
  • At present

Want to learn how to say so far professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Up to now

Use “up to now” to refer to the period leading up to the current moment.
Example: Up to now, the project’s progress has been on schedule.

2. To date

“To date” is suitable for referring to the period from the start of something until now.
Example: The campaign has been highly successful to date.

3. As of yet

Use “as of yet” to indicate that something has not occurred up to the present time.
Example: As of yet, we have not received any feedback on the proposal.

4. Until now

“Until now” is used to refer to a situation that has continued up to the present moment.
Example: The issue had gone unnoticed until now.

5. Thus far

Use “thus far” to indicate what has happened up to this point in time.
Example: Thus far, the response to our new service has been positive.

6. Hitherto

“Hitherto” is a more formal way of saying ‘up to this time’ or ‘until now.’
Example: The technique had been hitherto unknown in our field.

7. Heretofore

Use “heretofore” in a formal context to refer to a period up to the time in question.
Example: The company has heretofore focused primarily on domestic markets.

8. As yet

“As yet” is suitable for indicating that something has not happened up to the present time.
Example: As yet, no decision has been made regarding the merger.

9. Currently

Use “currently” to refer to the present time or situation.
Example: We are currently reviewing all applications.

10. To this point

“To this point” refers to the period up to a specific moment.
Example: To this point, all tests have been successful.

11. Up until now

“Up until now” is used for things that have been true or happening up to the present moment.
Example: The software has been functioning flawlessly up until now.

12. At this time

Use “at this time” to refer to the current moment or situation.
Example: At this time, we are not considering any further hiring.

13. At this juncture

“At this juncture” refers to a particular point in time, often a critical one.
Example: At this juncture, we must decide how to proceed with the project.

14. At this point

Use “at this point” to refer to the current stage in a process or event.
Example: At this point, we need to reassess our strategy.

15. To the present

“To the present” is suitable for indicating a continuation to the current day.
Example: The research has evolved considerably to the present.

16. As of this moment

Use “as of this moment” for emphasizing the present time, often in a changing situation.
Example: As of this moment, the meeting is still scheduled for 3 PM.

17. Up to this time

“Up to this time” refers to everything that has happened until now.
Example: Up to this time, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

18. Until this time

Use “until this time” for situations that have persisted up to the present.
Example: We had not encountered any major obstacles until this time.

19. Up to the present

“Up to the present” is suitable for referring to a period extending to the current time.
Example: The company’s growth has been steady up to the present.

20. At present

Use “at present” to refer to the current time or situation.
Example: At present, our focus is on expanding into new markets.

Linda Brown