What Is Another Way to Say “More or Less”?

Looking for synonyms for more or less? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say more or less.

  • Approximately
  • Roughly
  • About
  • Around
  • Somewhat
  • Nearly
  • Practically
  • Virtually
  • Essentially
  • Almost
  • Close to
  • Kind of
  • In the ballpark
  • To some extent
  • Not quite

Want to learn how to say more or less professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Approximately

Used when giving an estimated number or measurement in a professional context.
Example: “The project will take approximately three months to complete.”

2. Roughly

Appropriate for describing an estimate that is not exact, often used in financial or statistical contexts.
Example: “Roughly 75% of the budget has been allocated to development.”

3. About

Used in a general sense to indicate a close approximation, suitable in various professional settings.
Example: “There were about fifty participants in the seminar.”

4. Around

Similar to ‘about’, used when giving a non-exact figure or time.
Example: “The meeting will start at around 10 AM.”

5. Somewhat

Appropriate for indicating a moderate degree or extent of something.
Example: “The results were somewhat better than expected.”

6. Nearly

Used to describe something that is almost, but not completely, the case.
Example: “The construction is nearly complete, with just the finishing touches left.”

7. Practically

Suitable for situations where something is almost entirely the case.
Example: “The new software has been practically perfected after the recent updates.”

8. Virtually

Used to indicate that something is so nearly true that for most purposes it can be regarded as true.
Example: “The system is virtually foolproof after the security enhancements.”

9. Essentially

Appropriate when summarizing the fundamental aspects of a situation or concept.
Example: “Essentially, the new policy aims to improve employee well-being.”

10. Almost

Used to indicate that something is not completely the case but very close to it.
Example: “The target sales figures were almost reached this quarter.”

11. Close to

Suitable for indicating proximity in quantity, amount, or degree.
Example: “The attendance was close to 300 people.”

12. Kind of

Used informally to indicate a slight or uncertain degree of something.
Example: “The proposal is kind of what we were expecting, but it needs more details.”

13. In the ballpark

Appropriate in a business context for an estimate that is roughly accurate.
Example: “Your cost estimate is in the ballpark, but we need more precise figures.”

14. To some extent

Used to acknowledge that something is partly but not completely the case.
Example: “To some extent, the project’s delay was due to unforeseen circumstances.”

15. Not quite

Appropriate for indicating that something does not fully meet a certain standard or status.
Example: “The results were not quite in line with our projections.”

Linda Brown