What Is Another Way to Say “In the Beginning”?

Looking for synonyms for in the beginning? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in the beginning.

  • Initially
  • At the outset
  • At first
  • Originally
  • To start with
  • At the start
  • From the start
  • In the first place
  • At the commencement
  • At the inception
  • At the genesis
  • At the dawn
  • In the early stages
  • In the initial stages
  • From the get-go

Want to learn how to say in the beginning professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Initially

Use when indicating the first phase of a process or the beginning of a sequence of events.
Example: Initially, the company focused on software development before expanding into hardware.

2. At the outset

Use to emphasize the very beginning of an event or process.
Example: At the outset of the project, we established clear objectives and timelines.

3. At first

Use when describing the early stage of a situation or condition that may change later.
Example: At first, the new policy seemed effective, but later issues arose that required adjustment.

4. Originally

Use when indicating the first form or version of something before any changes.
Example: Originally, the conference was planned for May, but it was later postponed to September.

5. To start with

Use in a more informal context to refer to the beginning of a process or sequence.
Example: To start with, let’s analyze the current market trends before making any investment decisions.

6. At the start

Use to describe the beginning of an event or process.
Example: At the start of her career, she worked as an intern at a major accounting firm.

7. From the start

Use to emphasize something that has been the case since the very beginning.
Example: From the start, it was clear that the merger would dramatically increase our market share.

8. In the first place

Use to refer back to the beginning of a situation, often when questioning why something was done.
Example: We need to understand why the software was chosen in the first place to address the current issues.

9. At the commencement

Formal usage to denote the beginning of an event, process, or period.
Example: At the commencement of the fiscal year, the company introduced several key strategic initiatives.

10. At the inception

Use to refer to the very beginning or formation of an institution, idea, or process.
Example: At the inception of the organization, its founders prioritized innovation and employee welfare.

11. At the genesis

Use to denote the origin or mode of formation of something.
Example: At the genesis of the project, we conducted extensive research to ensure its feasibility.

12. At the dawn

Use to describe the early period of something, often indicating the emergence of new ideas or changes.
Example: At the dawn of the digital era, many traditional businesses had to adapt to new technologies.

13. In the early stages

Use when referring to the initial phase of a process or development.
Example: In the early stages of the product’s development, we encountered several technical challenges.

14. In the initial stages

Similar to “in the early stages,” used to describe the beginning phase of a process or development.
Example: In the initial stages of planning, it’s crucial to set realistic goals and benchmarks.

15. From the get-go

Informal usage meaning from the very start.
Example: From the get-go, the team demonstrated a strong commitment to meeting the project deadlines.

Linda Brown