What Is Another Way to Say “In Honor Of”?

Looking for synonyms for in honor of? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say in honor of.

  • As a tribute to
  • To commemorate
  • In tribute to
  • In recognition of
  • To celebrate
  • In respect to
  • In homage to
  • In admiration of
  • As an homage to
  • To honor

Want to learn how to say in honor of professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. As a Tribute to

“As a tribute to” is used in professional settings to show respect or admiration for a person, group, or event.

Example: “This annual award is given as a tribute to the founder’s contributions to our industry.”

2. To Commemorate

“To commemorate” is appropriate for marking the memory of an important event or person in a respectful manner.

Example: “We are gathering today to commemorate the company’s 50th anniversary.”

3. In Tribute to

“In tribute to” is similar to “as a tribute to,” used to honor and remember someone’s achievements or legacy.

Example: “The new library was built in tribute to the late author’s dedication to education.”

4. In Recognition of

“In recognition of” is used in professional contexts to formally acknowledge someone’s efforts, achievements, or service.

Example: “In recognition of her outstanding leadership, we present this award.”

5. To Celebrate

“To celebrate” is used in a variety of professional settings to honor a person, achievement, or occasion with joyful activities.

Example: “We are hosting a dinner to celebrate the successful completion of the project.”

6. In Respect to

“In respect to” is used to show deference or regard for someone or something in professional circumstances.

Example: “The ceremony was held in respect to those who have served in the organization.”

7. In Homage to

“In homage to” is used to show deep respect or honor towards someone, often in a creative or symbolic manner.

Example: “The artwork was created in homage to the company’s multicultural roots.”

8. In Admiration of

“In admiration of” is used when expressing respect and high regard for someone’s qualities or accomplishments.

Example: “This scholarship is established in admiration of her pioneering research.”

9. As an Homage to

“As an homage to” is similar to “in homage to,” used to express respect or tribute, often through a dedicated action or event.

Example: “The concert was organized as an homage to the jazz legends of the past.”

10. To Honor

“To honor” is a widely used term in professional settings to show respect, esteem, or recognition for someone or something.

Example: “This plaque is to honor those who generously donated to our organization.”

Linda Brown