What Is Another Way to Say “Have Been”?

Looking for synonyms for have been? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say have been.

  • Were
  • Existed
  • Occurred
  • Transpired
  • Happened
  • Took place
  • Came about
  • Materialized
  • Surfaced
  • Emerged
  • Appeared
  • Unfolded
  • Prevailed
  • Manifested
  • Developed
  • Ensued
  • Evolved
  • Resulted
  • Came to pass
  • Presented itself

Want to learn how to say have been professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Were

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing a past state of being or condition.
Example: They were the leading company in the industry a decade ago.

2. Existed

Appropriate Use: Often used to state that something was present or in being.
Example: Several innovative startups existed before the tech boom.

3. Occurred

Appropriate Use: Ideal for describing events or incidents that happened in the past.
Example: The system failure occurred due to outdated software.

4. Transpired

Appropriate Use: Suitable for explaining what happened, especially revealing surprising or unknown details.
Example: It transpired that the merger talks had been ongoing for months.

5. Happened

Appropriate Use: A general term for when an event or action took place.
Example: A significant shift in market trends happened last year.

6. Took Place

Appropriate Use: Often used to describe events or actions that occurred at a specific time or location.
Example: The groundbreaking ceremony took place on the first of June.

7. Came About

Appropriate Use: Suitable for explaining the manner in which something occurred or was done.
Example: The company’s restructuring came about due to changing market conditions.

8. Materialized

Appropriate Use: Ideal for when something becomes actual fact or reality.
Example: The planned expansion materialized after securing the necessary funding.

9. Surfaced

Appropriate Use: Often used when facts, ideas, or problems become known or apparent.
Example: New challenges surfaced during the software development process.

10. Emerged

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing something that became apparent or known.
Example: A new market leader emerged after the recent industry shake-up.

11. Appeared

Appropriate Use: Used when something became visible or came into existence.
Example: The first signs of economic recovery appeared in the last quarter.

12. Unfolded

Appropriate Use: Ideal for the gradual development or revealing of events.
Example: The details of the scandal unfolded over several weeks.

13. Prevailed

Appropriate Use: Often used for a situation or condition that was predominant or widespread.
Example: Traditional marketing techniques prevailed before the digital era.

14. Manifested

Appropriate Use: Suitable for describing how something became perceptible by the senses, especially sight.
Example: The effects of the new strategy manifested in the company’s performance.

15. Developed

Appropriate Use: Used for describing a process of growth or evolution.
Example: A unique corporate culture developed over the company’s history.

16. Ensued

Appropriate Use: Ideal for events or situations that happened as a result.
Example: Major changes ensued after the company was acquired.

17. Evolved

Appropriate Use: Suitable for the gradual development of something over a period.
Example: The industry has evolved significantly in the past decade.

18. Resulted

Appropriate Use: Often used to describe the outcome or effect of a previous action or situation.
Example: Increased efficiency resulted from the new management system.

19. Came to Pass

Appropriate Use: A formal way of saying that something happened.
Example: The predictions about the tech market eventually came to pass.

20. Presented Itself

Appropriate Use: Used for describing a situation or opportunity that occurred or became available.
Example: A unique investment opportunity presented itself to the startup.

Linda Brown