What Is Another Way to Say “For the Time Being”?

Looking for synonyms for for the time being? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say for the time being.

  • Temporarily
  • For now
  • Currently
  • At present
  • Provisionally
  • In the interim
  • For the moment
  • For the meantime
  • For the nonce
  • In the meanwhile
  • Momentarily
  • Just for now
  • Until further notice
  • For a short time
  • For a little while
  • For a spell
  • For the short term
  • In the short run
  • Pending
  • In the current state

Want to learn how to say for the time being professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Temporarily

Used to indicate a condition or state that is not permanent.

  • Example: “The office will be temporarily relocated during the renovation period.”

2. For now

Indicates a current state that is subject to change.

  • Example: “For now, we will maintain the current marketing strategy, but we are open to changes based on results.”

3. Currently

Refers to what is happening at the present time.

  • Example: “We are currently reviewing all proposals and will make a decision soon.”

4. At present

Similar to currently, it denotes what is happening now.

  • Example: “At present, our focus is on expanding our market presence in Asia.”

5. Provisionally

Indicates a temporary arrangement that may change in the future.

  • Example: “The contract has been signed provisionally, pending final approval from the board.”

6. In the interim

Refers to a temporary period between two events.

  • Example: “In the interim, the deputy manager will oversee the team’s operations.”

7. For the moment

Used to describe a situation that is current but likely to change.

  • Example: “For the moment, we are holding off on hiring until we have a clearer financial picture.”

8. For the meantime

Similar to for the moment, indicating a temporary current state.

  • Example: “For the meantime, we’ll use the existing software until the new system is implemented.”

9. For the nonce

An old-fashioned term for a temporary and present situation.

  • Example: “We have halted our expansion plans for the nonce, due to the economic climate.”

10. In the meanwhile

Refers to what should be done during the period until something else happens.

  • Example: “In the meanwhile, please continue with your regular tasks until the new guidelines are released.”

11. Momentarily

Indicates something that will happen very soon.

  • Example: “The CEO will momentarily address the recent changes in the company’s policy.”

12. Just for now

Emphasizes that something is only for the current period.

  • Example: “Just for now, we’ve put a pause on all non-essential spending.”

13. Until further notice

Indicates that the current state will continue until an official change is announced.

  • Example: “The weekly team meetings are suspended until further notice.”

14. For a short time

Used for situations that will last for a limited period.

  • Example: “For a short time, we are offering a discount on our new product line.”

15. For a little while

Similar to for a short time, indicating a brief period.

  • Example: “The consultant will be joining our team for a little while to help streamline our processes.”

16. For a spell

An informal way of saying for a short period.

  • Example: “The director took over the project for a spell to ensure it stayed on track.”

17. For the short term

Indicates a focus or arrangement that is temporary.

  • Example: “For the short term, we are shifting our strategy to address immediate market changes.”

18. In the short run

Similar to for the short term, focusing on the immediate or near future.

  • Example: “In the short run, we expect to see an increase in costs before we start benefiting from the new system.”

19. Pending

Used to indicate that something is waiting for a decision or confirmation.

  • Example: “Pending approval from the regulatory body, we will proceed with the launch.”

20. In the current state

Refers to the existing condition or situation.

  • Example: “In the current state, our priority is to maintain steady growth and minimize risks.”

Linda Brown