What Is Another Way to Say “Continue To”?

Looking for synonyms for continue to? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say continue to.

  • Persist in
  • Keep up
  • Maintain
  • Carry on
  • Proceed with
  • Persevere in
  • Go on with
  • Uphold
  • Sustain
  • Resume
  • Extend
  • Further
  • Prolong
  • Preserve
  • Stick with
  • Follow through
  • Keep on
  • Hold to
  • Adhere to
  • Press on with

Want to learn how to say continue to professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Persist in

Used when continuing an action despite difficulty or opposition.
Example: “The team decided to persist in their efforts to improve the product.”

2. Keep up

Appropriate for continuing at the same rate or level.
Example: “It’s important to keep up the quality of service to retain customers.”

3. Maintain

Used when continuing at the same level or state.
Example: “The company must maintain its focus on innovation to stay competitive.”

4. Carry on

Suitable for continuing an activity or action.
Example: “After the brief interruption, the meeting will carry on as scheduled.”

5. Proceed with

Used when moving forward with an action or process.
Example: “We will proceed with the marketing campaign as planned.”

6. Persevere in

Appropriate for continuing with something despite difficulty.
Example: “The research team will persevere in their efforts to find a cure.”

7. Go on with

Used for continuing an activity without stopping.
Example: “The project manager decided to go on with the development despite the challenges.”

8. Uphold

Suitable for maintaining or preserving in its existing state.
Example: “The company will uphold its commitment to sustainable practices.”

9. Sustain

Used for continuing an action or process over a long period.
Example: “It is crucial to sustain the growth momentum for the long-term success of the business.”

10. Resume

Appropriate for beginning again after a pause or interruption.
Example: “The team will resume work on the project after the holiday break.”

11. Extend

Used for prolonging the duration of something.
Example: “The contract with the client was extended for another year.”

12. Further

Suitable for advancing or promoting something in the course of progress.
Example: “The new initiative is designed to further our goals in the renewable energy sector.”

13. Prolong

Used when making something last for a longer time.
Example: “The company decided not to prolong the experimental phase of the project.”

14. Preserve

Appropriate for keeping something in its original state or continuing it unchanged.
Example: “The organization strives to preserve the cultural heritage through its projects.”

15. Stick with

Used for remaining committed or loyal to something.
Example: “Despite the challenges, the team leader chose to stick with the original plan.”

16. Follow through

Suitable for continuing an action or task to its conclusion.
Example: “It’s important that we follow through with our commitments to our clients.”

17. Keep on

Used for continuing an action or task.
Example: “The company will keep on investing in employee training and development.”

18. Hold to

Appropriate for remaining committed or adhering to something.
Example: “The board decided to hold to their decision despite the shareholder’s concerns.”

19. Adhere to

Used for continuing to obey or support something.
Example: “We must adhere to our ethical guidelines in all our business dealings.”

20. Press on with

Suitable for continuing with an action firmly or steadily.
Example: “The team decided to press on with the project, aiming to meet the deadline.”

Linda Brown