What Is Another Way to Say “Almost Impossible”?

Looking for synonyms for almost impossible? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say almost impossible.

  • Virtually impossible
  • Nearly impossible
  • Practically impossible
  • Next to impossible
  • All but impossible
  • Nigh impossible
  • Almost unthinkable
  • Barely conceivable
  • Hardly feasible
  • Extremely unlikely
  • Highly improbable
  • Nearly unthinkable
  • Scarcely possible
  • Virtually unattainable
  • Almost inconceivable
  • Just about impossible
  • Close to impossible
  • Nearly unfeasible
  • Virtually infeasible
  • Borderline impossible

Want to learn how to say almost impossible professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Virtually Impossible

Used in contexts where an action or event has an extremely low probability of occurring.
Example: It is virtually impossible to complete the project on time with the current resources.

2. Nearly Impossible

Suggests a very small likelihood, often used to emphasize the difficulty of a task.
Example: It’s nearly impossible to find a consensus on this issue within the current timeframe.

3. Practically Impossible

Indicates a task or event that is so difficult it is almost not possible to achieve or occur.
Example: Achieving complete accuracy in this data set is practically impossible due to its size.

4. Next to Impossible

Emphasizes the extreme difficulty of achieving something, suggesting it is almost not worth attempting.
Example: Securing a meeting with the CEO on such short notice is next to impossible.

5. All but Impossible

Indicates that something is so unlikely or difficult that it is almost certain not to happen or be achieved.
Example: Reversing the damage done to the brand’s reputation now seems all but impossible.

6. Nigh Impossible

A more poetic or dramatic way of saying very nearly impossible.
Example: With the current budget cuts, meeting our research goals is nigh impossible.

7. Almost Unthinkable

Suggests that the possibility of something happening is so low that it is barely worth considering.
Example: For a leading company like ours, failure to innovate is almost unthinkable.

8. Barely Conceivable

Indicates that it is very hard to believe or imagine that something could happen or be achieved.
Example: Completing the project without any additional funding is barely conceivable.

9. Hardly Feasible

Used when an action or plan seems very unlikely to be practical or achievable.
Example: Expanding our market presence under these conditions is hardly feasible.

10. Extremely Unlikely

A straightforward way of saying something probably won’t happen.
Example: It is extremely unlikely that we will see any significant profit from this venture in the first year.

11. Highly Improbable

Used to emphasize that an event or outcome is very unlikely to occur.
Example: Overturning the decision at this stage is highly improbable.

12. Nearly Unthinkable

Similar to “almost unthinkable,” it highlights something as being almost beyond consideration due to its improbability.
Example: The loss of our primary data center is nearly unthinkable and would severely impact operations.

13. Scarcely Possible

Indicates that there is only a very slight possibility of something happening or being achieved.
Example: It is scarcely possible to complete all these tasks without any errors under the current deadlines.

14. Virtually Unattainable

Used to describe goals or objectives that are almost impossible to achieve.
Example: At this point, the sales targets for this quarter are virtually unattainable.

15. Almost Inconceivable

Suggests something is so unlikely that it is difficult to imagine or believe.
Example: It is almost inconceivable that the team could finish the software development in under a month.

16. Just About Impossible

Emphasizes that something is on the very edge of being impossible.
Example: Finding a replacement for our lead engineer on such short notice is just about impossible.

17. Close to Impossible

Indicates that an action or outcome is very near to being impossible to achieve.
Example: Maintaining our current level of service with significant budget cuts is close to impossible.

18. Nearly Unfeasible

Used to suggest that something is very unlikely to be practical or achievable.
Example: The timeline for delivering the new platform is nearly unfeasible.

19. Virtually Infeasible

Suggests an action or plan is almost not practical or achievable under the current circumstances.
Example: Implementing a complete overhaul of the IT system in one month is virtually infeasible.

20. Borderline Impossible

Indicates that something is on the border of being impossible, highlighting its extreme difficulty.
Example: Recovering all the lost data after the system failure is borderline impossible.

Linda Brown