What Is Another Way to Say “Agreed Upon”?

Looking for synonyms for agreed upon? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say agreed upon.

  • Consented to
  • Approved
  • Accepted
  • Concluded
  • Settled on
  • Finalized
  • Ratified
  • Confirmed
  • Sanctioned
  • Established
  • Endorsed
  • Arranged
  • Determined
  • Accorded
  • Resolved
  • Assented to
  • Stipulated
  • Authorized
  • Contracted
  • Convened

Want to learn how to say agreed upon professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Consented to

Used to indicate that an agreement or permission has been given.
Example: “The budget increase was consented to by all department heads.”

2. Approved

Suitable for indicating formal agreement or acceptance.
Example: “The new policy was approved by the board of directors.”

3. Accepted

Used when an offer, plan, or request has been agreed upon.
Example: “The terms of the contract were accepted by both parties.”

4. Concluded

Appropriate for indicating that an agreement has been reached after discussion or negotiation.
Example: “The deal was successfully concluded after weeks of negotiation.”

5. Settled on

Used when a decision or agreement has been reached after consideration.
Example: “After much discussion, we settled on a new strategy for the project.”

6. Finalized

Suitable for indicating that something has been completed or made final.
Example: “The plans for the merger were finalized last Thursday.”

7. Ratified

Used for indicating that an agreement has been formally validated or confirmed.
Example: “The treaty was ratified by all member countries.”

8. Confirmed

Appropriate for indicating that an arrangement or agreement is definite and firm.
Example: “The meeting time was confirmed by all attendees.”

9. Sanctioned

Used when an action, procedure, or agreement has been officially approved or authorized.
Example: “The expansion plans were sanctioned by the board.”

10. Established

Suitable for something that has been formally set up or agreed upon.
Example: “The guidelines for the project were established early in the process.”

11. Endorsed

Used when an agreement or proposal has received formal support or approval.
Example: “The new environmental policy was endorsed by the CEO.”

12. Arranged

Appropriate for indicating that something has been planned or agreed upon.
Example: “The details of the partnership were arranged in the last meeting.”

13. Determined

Used to indicate that a decision or agreement has been reached.
Example: “The launch date for the product was determined after careful consideration.”

14. Accorded

Suitable for indicating that something has been given or granted, usually formally.
Example: “The terms of the agreement were accorded by both companies.”

15. Resolved

Used to indicate that an agreement or decision has been reached, especially after a dispute or problem.
Example: “The issue with the supplier was finally resolved.”

16. Assented to

Appropriate for indicating agreement or approval, especially formally or officially.
Example: “The changes to the policy were assented to by the committee.”

17. Stipulated

Used when specific terms, conditions, or requirements have been agreed upon.
Example: “The contract stipulated the deadlines and deliverables for the project.”

18. Authorized

Suitable for indicating that something has been officially approved or given permission.
Example: “The new software implementation was authorized by the IT department.”

19. Contracted

Used in the context of a formal agreement or legal contract.
Example: “The services were contracted after an agreement on the scope of work.”

20. Convened

Appropriate for indicating that a meeting or gathering has been arranged or agreed upon.
Example: “A special committee was convened to discuss the merger proposal.”

Linda Brown