What Is Another Way to Say “Act As”?

Looking for synonyms for act as? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of other ways to say act as.

  • Serve as
  • Function as
  • Perform the role of
  • Play the part of
  • Represent
  • Imitate
  • Emulate
  • Mirror
  • Simulate
  • Personify
  • Depict
  • Resemble
  • Portray
  • Stand in for
  • Double as
  • Substitute for
  • Assume the role of
  • Operate as
  • Pass for
  • Pose as
  • Masquerade as
  • Take on the role of
  • Enact
  • Pretend to be
  • Impersonate

Want to learn how to say act as professionally? Keep reading for examples and use cases.

1. Serve as

Used when someone or something fulfills a particular role or purpose.
Example: “She will serve as the interim director during the search for a permanent replacement.”

2. Function as

Appropriate for describing the main role or purpose something fulfills.
Example: “The software functions as a tool for managing customer relationships.”

3. Perform the role of

Refers to carrying out the duties or functions associated with a specific role.
Example: “He will perform the role of project manager in the upcoming construction project.”

4. Play the part of

Suitable for acting in a specific role, often in a specific setting or context.
Example: “During the simulation, she will play the part of the client.”

5. Represent

Used when someone or something symbolizes or stands for something else.
Example: “The committee members represent different departments in the organization.”

6. Imitate

Appropriate for mimicking or copying the actions, appearance, or character of someone or something.
Example: “The trainees will imitate the techniques demonstrated by the expert.”

7. Emulate

Refers to striving to match or surpass a person or achievement, often by imitation.
Example: “Many startups try to emulate the business model of successful companies.”

8. Mirror

Suitable for reflecting or showing a likeness of.
Example: “The company’s policies mirror industry best practices.”

9. Simulate

Used when creating a model or representation of something for study or training.
Example: “The flight training program uses software to simulate real-world scenarios.”

10. Personify

Refers to embodying or representing a quality, concept, or thing in a physical form.
Example: “She personifies the company’s commitment to customer service.”

11. Depict

Suitable for representing or characterizing in words or art.
Example: “The brochure depicts him as a leader in innovative design.”

12. Resemble

Used when having qualities or features, especially those of appearance, in common with someone or something.
Example: “Her management style closely resembles that of her mentor.”

13. Portray

Appropriate for describing the role or character played by an actor or acted out by someone.
Example: “In the role-play exercise, he will portray a potential investor.”

14. Stand in for

Refers to taking the place of another person temporarily.
Example: “During her leave, a colleague will stand in for her in meetings.”

15. Double as

Used when someone or something has a second, different function or role.
Example: “The device doubles as a phone and a tablet.”

16. Substitute for

Suitable for acting or serving in place of someone or something else.
Example: “A senior staff member will substitute for the CEO at the conference.”

17. Assume the role of

Refers to taking on a particular role or position.
Example: “He will assume the role of lead coordinator for the event.”

18. Operate as

Used when functioning or working in a particular way.
Example: “The committee will operate as an independent advisory body.”

19. Pass for

Appropriate for being accepted as or believed to be something else.
Example: “The replica is so accurate it could pass for the original.”

20. Pose as

Refers to pretending to be something one is not.
Example: “For the undercover operation, he will pose as a journalist.”

21. Masquerade as

Suitable for pretending to be someone or something one is not.
Example: “The consultant had to masquerade as a regular employee for the study.”

22. Take on the role of

Used for accepting the duties and responsibilities of a particular role.
Example: “She will take on the role of moderator in the upcoming debate.”

23. Enact

Refers to performing or portraying a role or part in a play or performance.
Example: “In the training video, employees will enact various customer service scenarios.”

24. Pretend to be

Appropriate for acting as if one is someone or something else.
Example: “In the exercise, team members will pretend to be competing companies.”

25. Impersonate

Used when pretending to be another person for entertainment or fraud.
Example: “To test security, an auditor was hired to impersonate a staff member.”

Linda Brown